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Turkey President Erdogan threatens to deliver 3.6million refugees into Europe if he’s branded ‘an invader’ and brags 109 ‘terrorists’ have died in raids

Turkey President Erdogan threatens to deliver 3.6million refugees into Europe if he’s branded ‘an invader’ and brags 109 ‘terrorists’ have died in raids

TURKEY’S hardline frontrunner has threatened to deliver 3.6 million refugees to Europe if it brands their army offensive in Syria an intrusion.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to start the gates to “millions” of Syrians over critique of their attacks that are deadly Kurdish goals.

Talking to their celebration, Erdogan warned he’d spark a brand new refugee crisis in the event that EU dared to phone ‘Operation Peace Spring’ an “invasion.”

He stated: “Hey EU, get up. We state it once more: we will open the gates and send 3.6m migrants for you. if you attempt to frame our ukrainian dating sites operation here being an intrusion, our task is not difficult:”

Erdogan continued to boast that 109 ‘terrorists’ was indeed killed in bombing raids on two Kurdish villages nearby the Turkey-Syria edge.

H ag e included that ISIS prisoners held by Kurdish forces could be kept in prison or gone back to home countries prepared to just just take them.

However the Syrian Democratic Forces accused Turkey of the ‘clear effort’ setting numerous of caged ISIS fighters free during aerial raids that are bombing.


Turkey happens to be home to around 3.6m Syrian refugees – a third are now living in 22 government-run camps nearby the Syrian edge.

Erdogan’s caution arrived as one specialist claimed the invasion that is turkish trigger a ‘tsunami of peoples misery’ maneuvering to Europe.

Mark Almond, of this Crisis that is UK-based Research, fears we’re able to also notice a perform regarding the shocking 2015 refugee crisis.

Their warnings come following the Turkish armed forces pounded more than 181 Kurdish goals after establishing an air and ground attack in north Syria.

Kurdish leaders in Syria have finally called from the worldwide community to intervene over worries of some other “humanitarian catastrophe”.

Four years back, around 900,000 refugees and migrants arrived on Europe’s shores – thousands passed away at ocean throughout their perilous journey.

Three quarters for the public had fled persecution and conflict in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, reveals the UN Refugee Council.

Mr Almond warned: “Turkey desires to push an incredible number of Syrian refugees back in a alleged ‘safe area’ it really is producing by force in north Syria.

“None for the refugees originated from this spot plus they notice it as aggressive territory. Many refugees that are syrian choose to risk crossing the ocean to Greece than being pressed right into a war-zone.

Turkish procedure up to now:

  • US President Donald Trump brings troops that are back american northeastern Syria
  • Syrian Kurds, allies whom supported the united states into the fight ISIS, are kept at risk of an onslaught that is military being abandoned
  • Turkey launches ground and atmosphere assault against Kurdish fighters in northeast Syria on October 9 wednesday
  • Initial atmosphere hits hit the edge city of Ras al Ain
  • Turkish defence bosses say jets and artillery hit 181 objectives east regarding the Euphrates River because the incursion started
  • At the very least eight individuals – three Kurds and five civilians – are killed and dozens have now been wounded

“If therefore, then we will have a rerun of this refugee crisis in 2015 which convulsed the EU.”

Mr Almond warnings came when you look at the frequent Mail so that as the military that is turkish away its very first lethal strikes in north Syria.

He additionally told just just how Turkey could capitalise in the worries by “threatening to open up the floodgates into the western if European states criticise it.”

“Either means, a tsunami of peoples misery will be Turkey that is leaving soon” he stated.

Mr Almond included if Kurdish fighters leave their guard articles to fight the Turks, ISIS prisoners could regroup as well as check out European countries.


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