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Oh boy that is pretty speak You pretty guys are just great for a very important factor

Oh boy that is pretty speak You pretty guys are just great for a very important factor

Track Name: Pretty Boys into a stone and turn the lights down low for effect and i’d steal your cigarettes and i’d be softer than i am through cigarette smoke and if anybody sees ill say i did it as a joke so but how about his loneliness he gets it from his mom 100 dollars for his haircut but a smile from god and when he touches you you’ll wonder how he keeps his hands so soft he got some money from his grandma guess he’ll never have a job if it were up to me I’d turn you

But anyways that is not even the thing I suggested to express i designed to sing a track for your requirements to cause you to go to sleep and that means you wouldn’t need certainly to communicate with you and you wouldn’t communicate with me personally but I possibly could lay along with you and immerse in most your temperature don’t let them get you crying child if it didn’t really harm she took a glass or two to jog her memory nonetheless it didn’t in fact work she designed to sing a track but couldn’t memorize the language she just knew the chorus she had to mumble through the verse

Oh pretty child Don’t think You pretty guys are merely best for the one thing Track Name: seven days til Sunday She stated come over there’s nobody house we went over there is no body house But her light had been on her behalf light ended up being on And i’m much less drunk when I seem Nevertheless we endured around on the street Throwing rocks at her screen Like we chaturbate saw someone do on TV

seven days til sunday

She stated come over there’s nobody home She stated I understand that’s what i said before But here in nyc you don’t need excuses to dress like a lady Intercourse drugs and deceit we guess she’s much less frail as she seems we pressed because hard as I really could But she said that’s ok because that’s the way in which i like it

She stated come over cuz everyone’s here And i’m happy she needed to make that clear Smoking cigs on her behalf roof Laughing in the people from the train cuz they’re not I lost the drugs and I stayed too long I got drunk and made fun of her band But thank god it was sunday and there’s more than just one way To ruin a one night stand like us but

1 week til Track Name: Blue Hair She asked me how to be funny But that’s not something you can teach What seemed so blue in the sunlight By the night was a pale green sunday

And I also attempted to hold her however it didn’t actually final long And she’s growing old i suppose she’s gotta cut her blue locks off

She asked me personally it’s clear that the girl’s a fraud There’s really no way of winning If in their eyes you’ll always be a dumb blonde if she was pretty Well

And she cried over nothing generally there had been nothing i really could do in order to stop Her from cutting Her breathtaking hair that is blue

It appeared as if cotton candy and simply as quick to obtain licked away final We heard she ended up being coping with a child whom functions their age

And I also guess I’ll simply miss her Even though she actually isn’t also really gone But things are only different from the time she cut her blue locks off Track Name: Lonely Girls as soon as which he looked over you and strolled your path before the 2nd whenever you knew there’d be no 2nd date possibly your heart felt fine it absolutely was your head that ached yet still you kissed him when you look at the sprinklers nonetheless it felt like rainfall

But just what exactly i assume you’ll continually be some lonely woman of course you fall in love You’ll nevertheless be surviving in this world that is lonely

And as soon as as he stated one thing making you laugh Until he had been sort sufficient to tell you so it wouldn’t last But nevertheless you laid here in the hands after you’d swore you’d keep Hair blowing through the roof fan nonetheless it felt like a piece of cake Track Name: Drift Down Face it kid She never truly did And whatever you stated Fell like spit into her drink

And although you were sleeping She had been lying here awake Just wondering just how long it might simply take Till she might get returning to her spot and locate various other cloud To move on

Face it babe guys had been meant to travel away It doesn’t matter what they state They’ll lie directly to see your face

And as they had been traveling you’re looking at a seat simply wondering the method that you could get up here And sleep an angel in mid atmosphere Then drag it towards the ground And drift on And move down Track Name: Cynical One i prefer taking a look at your eyes Playing piano and staring out your window in the exact middle of the evening from your own home in the mountain I happened to be hoping that you’dn’t forget me personally But I’m sure you may

Therefore don’t get around saying There’s no such thing as love You can’t get investing me places Don’t forget that i’m the cynical one

Wine and flowers are fine But i prefer the harder stuff And i could nevertheless keep in mind whenever way too much ended up being never sufficient Track title: King of Echo Park because the sunlight sets on sunset It reflects against a can wet with condensation His infant left She’s going back again to college once more And learning fifty approaches to destroy the discussion Cuz in the event that you can’t be good You drink within the name of art and also as the sunlight sets on sunset once more The stars emerge so that it don’t get dark regarding the master of echo park

Now she’s playing pool during the small joy a little drunk She views her little child And because they smoked outside She wondered just how long she’d need certainly to wait Until it couldn’t be too quickly To simply take him returning to her place Cuz if you can’t go homeward aided by the one you like you are going house with somebody plus it’s never too quickly also it’s never ever far too late Cuz whenever you’re royalty babe there is a constant need to work And he’s the master of echo park

Now he’s walking home within the exact same clothing Once the evening before Except you would can’t say for sure and all sorts of the girls he’s bagged They simply can’t stay mad They simply wave their arms at no jerk that is ordinary

But who’s afraid of a small cliche at the right time of day In the middle of the night a moment of grace As she hits every green light from here to LA as he sipped ice tea in the palm tree shade And as he looked around and everything was right But as he closed his eyes he dreamt he was in New York The King of Echo Park Track Name: Legendary Lovers Baby baby when you make your escape Make sure that you do it

Your pals blew your address As sluts check out moms additionally the famous enthusiasts have tired of the other person As desires move to day desires And punks figure out how to act But don’t concern yourself with me babe I’ll never change

What amount of platitudes are you able to say into the time it takes for beauty to diminish Sedentary fireworks going bad Like pouring down a container of gin for a man that is drowning

Shiny new fighter jets getting strafed from the deck for every single insolent b kid whom tripped and landed on their throat Untameable stallions that got turned into glue But don’t bother about me personally babe Cuz i concern yourself with you Yes I actually do Track Name: Stupid Actress we dreamt that I screwed every stupid actress in Los Angeles we dreamt that I became keeping them and told them it’d be okay It is difficult being famous anyways therefore celebrities state Cuz every person which you meet simply really wants to screw ya and also you can not whine

And it is a pity she’d be considered a queen back Rhode Island Now she waits on the basis of the other cliches that are sad Besides she actually is actually not very sexy and crazy which was simply the part she needed to play

We dreamt that I spared every stupid actress in Los Angeles and each aging waitress whom offered it And had to alter back her title They floated from every coke fueled party Every overvalued cafe But which was a few fantasy I’d when I woke up absolutely nothing changed

Also though she do not have elegance like Greta Garbo And even though she do not have eyes like Clara Bow That fabric glove could pluck you against the huddled mass the next day And throw you through a gilded puff of smoke

We dreamt that I happened to be every stupid actress in LA We dreamt it you designed it once you stated that You would come to see my play You sat here and you also viewed me personally and you also thought it had been very good for the pretty face And wondered if I experienced to offer wouldn’t it get purchased or perhaps discarded

The statue of infamy it gazes down inside us from the perch up here into the Hollywood Hills Give me personally your crazy along with your hopeless as well as your gorgeous but inspired I’ll let them have glamor provide them with thrills

Also to me personally you’ll find nothing unfortunate about a fantasy She screamed as she swan dove from the pearly white H Those nobodies back home they only fancy as they’re asleep perhaps not all of us babe we keep ours during the day Track Name: loss of a celebration woman She ended up being sexy she ended up being sweet Running barefoot in the pub Sipping wine away from a flask consuming vodka because of the glass Yeah she used to knock em back once again since fast as they might line them up

Nevertheless sexy but she actually is unfortunate therefore the headaches coming on just dancing away from practice She does not recognize the song how do the full evenings be getting long When time is like it’s accelerating

She utilized to crush the pill right between her hands It familiar with destroy the sensation however now the feeling lingers And she did the medications for enjoyable The good news is they are done by her simply to stay up

Incognito in the club She could inform he had been a celebrity because of the means he wore their baseball cap Slung low across their eyes While beauties live and die These playboys stay forever young

Which handsome trendy rake sets their fingers around her waistline they would hold her just to hold her But now it’s cuz she can’t stand up as she stumbles up the stairs In a state of perfect grace

Operating for the pleasure Using along the flesh And she’s got to fall asleep now whenever she accustomed go to sleep Eyes closed because she felt it nevertheless now it really is cuz she can not get up


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