Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a secure and effective daily pill that will reduce your risk greatly of HIV disease. PrEP is a lot more with the capacity of stopping HIV invest the it every single day

To get going on PrEP, speak to your regular medical practitioner or nursing assistant, or search for a intimate wellness Clinic. There are also other clinics that offer PrEP by calling 311 or visiting the NYC Health Map.


Is PrEP right for me personally?

To learn if PrEP is suitable for you, first get tested for HIV. PrEP is actually for HIV-negative people that are willing to just take a regular pill.

You should look at using PrEP in the event that you:

  • Don’t always utilize condoms while having sex
  • Recently possessed an infection (sti that is sexually transmitted
  • Have significantly more than one partner that is sexual
  • Have a partner who’s got intercourse along with other lovers
  • Have a partner who has got HIV and a detectable or unknown load that is viral
  • Are attempting to conceive by having a partner who’s got HIV
  • Have partner whom does not are russian mail order brides legal want to obtain an HIV test
  • Have intercourse for cash, medications or even an accepted destination to stay
  • Inject medications or have partner whom injects drugs

How can PrEP stop HIV?

If you should be subjected to HIV, the medications in PrEP stop the herpes virus from distributing during your human body, preventing an HIV illness. PrEP just works when you yourself have enough medicine within your body, and that means you want to just take PrEP each day.

Truvada® — the medication that is only authorized as PrEP — is a mix of emtricitabine (Emtriva®) and tenofovir (Viread®). They are exactly the same medicines that are safe many individuals with HIV use to continue to be healthy.

Is PrEP safe? Do you know the negative effects?

PrEP is safe. Truvada®, has been used to take care of people who have HIV since 2004.

People on PrEP don’t report any relative negative effects. (more…)